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Elden Ring PS4

We will synchronize the trophies for Elden Ring on your PlayStation account.


Ghost of Tsushima

We will synchronize the trophies on your PlayStation account.

Buy any 5 games (or more) and get a 30% discount on your whole purchase

Watchdogs Legion Instant Timestamps

We will synchronize the trophies for your PlayStation account.

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Instant Timestamps

Any games listed in this area will be instant timestamps. What this means is if you order a game in this category, all the trophies for the game will be popped with the same date and timestamp. If you only want a trophy unlocked, and do not care if it looks legit, this is the way to go since it is cheaper.

Special Request Timestamps

If you want custom timestamps, or would like to make a big bulk order of games (instant or legit-looking), please email us and let us know exactly what you are looking for and we can get a price to you.


If a game is missing that you want, send us a message and we will add it.

Legit-Looking Timestamps

Any games listed in this area will be using timestamps that will look like you played the game. This requires more work than instant trophies so the prices are higher ( but much cheaper than paying someone to play the game).

Misc & Bundle Items

This category will contain favorable prices for bundling games as well as random items for ps4 games to make your experience more enjoyable.